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3d printing service arcihtectArchitects 

The design process in which architects are involved takes a lot of time and is often very stressful. Handmade Styrofoam scale models are a waste of precious time .To save some of their valuable time, many architects already adopted 3D printing services. Beside the time saving values of 3D printed scale models. It also enable to experiment with complex shapes and form.






3d printing service engineersEngineers

In Engineering one of the most cost, time and labour are intensive stages of product development process is the production of the tools. For the low to medium volume applications 3D printing or additive manufacturing can eliminate the need for  tool production and therefore ,the cost ,lead times and labour associated with it.





3d printing service designerArt & Designers

The traditional rules do not apply to 3D printing. An infinite number of complex shapes can be created. With 3D printing the biggest advantage of creating physical object will have very limited boundaries.




3d printing service  studentStudents

Students get bored with lot of text.Making difficult concepts in visible helps them to be more informative. This way of learning stimulates the confidence of student.